Saturday, February 16, 2019

Colour charge your life for happiness

Early last month, I went for Jill Lowe's workshop for my personal development goal for this year.

I went to the class with great expectations as it was someone whom I really want to learn from.
In the workshop, I learnt that the colours that we wore could affect our daily relationship with our family members, colleagues, bosses or significant other.

Something which caught my attention in the workshop was that Jill mentioned that make-up is the signature of a woman. Make-up in any circumstances will make a woman looked polished. I was never a person who likes to put on make-up since I opted for a natural look most of the time. So after the class, I decided to be conscious in applying my make-up before I go out 'cos I want to look polished all the time ^_^.

Another tip I got from the workshop was to apply nail polish on your toes as well. When you apply the toenails, you will look polished too in the event if you wear slippers, open toe sandals. This tip is really very useful for me. After applying nail polish on my toenails, my significant other stopped complaining that I cooked too much food for him to eat. He will finish whatever food I cooked now.
It's weird I know but it really makes me happy cos cooking is a way for me to express my love for my family, friends and significant other.

There were many more tips that Jill taught during the workshop which I was not able to jot it down. Cos I was not able to write down the tips. I really enjoyed the class and would strongly encourage those who are looking for promotions at work to go and learn how to dress up for promotion from Jill.

Really appreciate Jill for thanking her weekends to run this workshop to empower woman.

For those are living in Singapore, interested to learn from Jill on how to use colours to power charge your career and relationships please use the following link to register as the next class is on 23rd Feb 2019:

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