Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Back to school for SEO event

It has been since a long time I have gone back to any school campus for any event. It was like going back to school attending the night class.

This event is actually an event co-hosted by Avente consulting and SMU. It is meant for SMU students to decide if they would like to take on a module on digital marketing like SEO or data analytics. Data analytics has been a topic which I felt students need to know cos now it is the world of digital marketing.

  My friend, Eugene had invited me to go for the event to see him conduct the training. This event consist of a 2 part training, where first part was to be covered by Eugene and second part was to be covered by Frank who shared more about his real life work experience with the SMU students.

Eugene has been training people on SEO topics since 2012. His extensive work experience has also enabled him to teach us those at the event in a relatively easy to understand.

Eugene explained how the search engine works to the extent of the history to help us understand how Google created the search engine which we all loved to use on a daily basis. This is actually very useful for beginners especially those who like to understand things in depth like me or old uncles and aunties. I guess even for uni students it is really relatively easy for them to understand the lecture.
There are certain topics which were taught in the class like how to use SEO to pitch for business with clients and others which I found it useful for the students to pick up this skill. I shall not say much about it. If you are interested in letting your homeschooled kids to learn this skill set, you might want to contact Eugene at www.imseoking.com. Eugene conducts classes in groups of 10 or individual coaching.

Next, we have Frank who willingly shares with us his real-life working experience on a daily basis. How he uses data analytics for his daily job to achieve his KPI. It is really something we are unable to experience it as we are all not working in the industry. It really gives a glimpse to the students if they really like analysing kind of role or not.

With this training, it also helps one to think if they should choose to take digital marketing as a module or not. It was also pretty funny that I ended up talking to an SMU student about his career options. I did tell him to consider this module as with the influx of online business, he should learn it if he would like to have an analyst role in his career.

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