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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Media Invite: SG Eat With Us

As the #SG50 Jubilee Celebration continues throughout the month of August, how could we forget about something which will bind all of us together as Singaporeans which is home cooked local food.

I guessed the feeling of kampong spirit and home cooked local food are going to be lost soon if we do not do something about it.

I attended the official opening of this event by starting to have the biggest popiah party in Singapore book of records.

That is in the morning at ard 10.30am
Next, it was time to try out dishes from the 12 home cooked chefs

Madam Tee serves us her authentic xing hwa cuisine 

Cha Hoon(杂粉)
 Cha Hoon  is considered a poor man’s dish  as it is a dish where leftovers were put into a pot together with pumpkin and left to boil with bee hoon or mee sua in the olden days.  The dish picks up the leftover food thus ensuring no wastage.  However, I find it flavourful and suitable for the young and old.

Mdm Esther on the left sharing with us on her braised duck buns

I did not managed to get to taste the braised duck buns, so perhaps you guys can go try it out.

Lemongrass satay by Mdm Eliza

This dish is something which is quite innovative to use the lemongrass to be the stick holding on to the satay. The satay is made up of minced meat where it is marinated with herbs and spices. It is supposed to be eaten with the satay sauce dip.

Ms Cynthia from the baking biatch

Mango tofu cheesecake
The mango tofu cheese cake is something which is very light. Suitable for ladies who are scared to gain weight to consume.

Ngoh Hiang by Lim's and Lee's families

I would say this dish is best served hot.

Dhoklas by Maya Tekwani
Something unique and does not feel sinful after eating unless u are on a low carb high fat diet. It is not oily and leaves u craving for more.

Po Co Rice
 Unique version of popiah that is made from steamed grated coconut with rice and various food with it. Started by a burmese grandfather who prepared this dish as a form of food for the children

Inside of how the Po Co Rice looks like 

Ayam  Masak Merah 
This dish is done by Mdm Noridayu as a form of passing on the legacy of her mom. Something that money cannot buy,love can buy. No money can replace the mother's love for a child.

Laksa by Mdm Noorbee

For more information, check out the programme highlights  by heading to!sgeatwithus-celebrates-by-the-bay/ceya

Have fun spending your national day holidays at #SGeatwithus...