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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

How to curb allergies

1. Wash hair before bed so allergens don’t get on pillow and then in eyes 
2. Avoid consuming “cured meats.” The nitrites & nitrates in them will worsen your allergies 
3. Don’t use any form of fabric softener or dryer sheets to avoid irritating residues 
4. Groom cats with damp cloths or cotton gloves. It will help to eliminate allergens 
5. Keep a diary to help you and your doctor sort out your allergic “triggers” 
6. Use saline sinus rinse to wash out nasal irritants daily or even twice daily 
7. Change the air filter in your AC or heating unit 
8. Cover your bedding, including the comforter, with dust mite proof coverings 
9. Avoid consuming sugar & sweets – these items can increase your risk for allergy attacks 
10. Kitty liter is a source of irritation – use large wood chips, crystal balls or newspaper chips 
11. Wash eye lashes with dilute baby shampoo to clean off allergens 
12. Avoid consuming vegetable oils like soy & canola – these oils can make your allergies much worse