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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Talent management - part 3 (talent planning)

Talent planning goes by the formula which is called A.C.E. A.C.E is being defined into 3 categories. A stands for alignment of business strategies and the needs of the people in the organization. C stands for creating the capabilities to develop talents and  E stands for engaging employees to stretch and excel.

There is a framework for talent planning which consists of coaching where you can use the intentional change theory, development based performance management more likely to be your normal KPIs and appraisals at work , application of strategic competencies in recruiting where you use the job descriptions to help you recruit the best employees to your organization, leadership development where you tend to identify and retain your star performers in the organization, implementation of skills and competency based workforce planning that is championed by the management in order to achieve the current and strategic business goals.

Factors that will help to optimize the talent planning are :
  • Using the talent life cycle to link to business and people strategy
  • Ensuring the alignment of the business strategy and people needs, creatping the capbilities to develop talents and engaging the employess to stretch and excel.
  • Getting the committment from the leadership to influences the adoption of the ACE formula and also be able to handle the issues at large with closure.
  • Optimise talents with better people measures to identify talent reservoir
  • There must be a holistic talent management system that is being build.
  • Having a career progression plan in mind for the staff will encourage them to perform better.
For further read ups, you may want to look into this book which is the talent management handbook by Lance A. Berger.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Talent management - part 2 (competency model)

Competency model ? How many of us who have worked in our own company understand that the

company that we worked in has a competency model ?  I bet there is rarely a handful of us.

Competency model is a model for the foundation for staff planning, career management and staff development management. After the development of the competency model, the competencies can be integrated into the recruitment process. Recruitment must be aligned to the businesses strategy and not based on any other requirement. Identifying the key competency of the present/future employees enables the company to determine if the current or new hire is right- fit.  Setting a performance target for every single employee not only improves the performance of employees, it also improves the organisation as a whole. With goals set, appraisal must be done periodically to let every employee not only gauge of their individual performance but also areas requiring further improvement  Through appraisal, areas where they are lacking can be improved with training  and development plans. The performance of an organisation is based on the quality of its values, employees’ competences and their ability to lead and excel. As organisation leaders, HR executives have to implement the appropriate competency framework/model and align the employees’ competencies to meet the business objectives.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Talent Management-part 1

What do talent management actually comprises of ? It actually encompasses developing competency models,assessment tools and framework , recruitment, training and development of employees, identifying super keepers, engagement of employees inline with the company's mission and vision, motivating the employee, retention of talent,sucession planning , integration of work life balance planning into the work place, rewards and strategic work force planning.

What do u define as talent? Talent is supposedly to be able to cultivated and developed via deliberate practice and intrinsic motivation. However, there is no doubt to what the so called in born talent as to what Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences where some of us are muscially inclined, lingustics, bodily inclined like being an athelete, mathmatically inclined, visually inclined and etc.

Do you have a competency model in the workplace which is in place?Look out for it on my part 2