Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hoyu cielo hair colour

Recently, I was given an opportunity to do a review of CIELO Cream Hair Colour by Hoyu.  I was given a choice of 3 colours to choose from. I chose the colour 5p as it is not on the extreme red.

The hair dye came at the right time 'cos I was planning to touch up my roots. I had a lot of strands of white hair popping up during my exams. However, before dying of hair I would always want to do hair treatment so that my hair would not be so dry. This time round, I decided to skip this step as there is a conditioner provided within the hair dye kit.

How to use Cielo? It is as easy as 1,2,3. 


What I like about this is that the pre-packed colour mixture is stored inside a unique bottle dispenser. Most importantly, the pre-packed colour mixture which is unused can be kept inside the bottle.
                                                 Picture of what is inside the box

As for my coverage over my grey hairs, it was good. My friend who is also like me having lots of grey hair said that the multiple applications for the touch up is rather pretty helpful when the grey strands of hair start to pop up as it is easy to use.

Currently, there is a promotion at the leading pharmacies and supermarkets which is two for $28.00 where the usual price of one is at $17.90.

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