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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Media Invite: 2nd Visit to Alive Museum

This is my second visit to Alive Museum, grateful for this invite from Alive Museum again.

This round, I brought my little friend along with me. Her name is Janice. 

This is me doing my ballerina warm up

Having fun at the hip hop arena

This one reminds me of the ah do gen from the street fighter scene.

The next series of pictures are very appropriate for the month of February which is in line for valentine's day or proposal.  Just coincidentally, this year 人日 also fall on valentine's day.
First , we have love in the air 
Next, will it be a date at the park sitting on the bench?

For those who have been dating a long time , you might want to start your proposal here.

Guys out there might first save some money if they were to propose at this scene.

Lastly, the wedding night if it is to be held on valentine's day.

If you do not have much program during the chinese new year, just head on to the alive museum at suntec city.

Monday, August 11, 2014

A night out at Alive Museum

Seriously, there are too many museums to visit nowadays as the government has allowed free concessions for locals . I have not been to a museum for a long long time. The last time I went was probably during my secondary school days.

Currently, there is so much hype about trick eye museum and alive museum.  I was wondering which one should I go first to....It so happened that I was given an opportunity to review Alive Museum as per invitation from omy and Alive Museum thus I am out to Alive Museum on a Thursday night.

Upon arriving at Suntec, I headed to the food court so that I could be linked to tower 3 & 4 via the foundation of wealth where Alive Museum is. As I was walking thru the linkway, I chanced upon the directions to Alive Museum.

Directions to Alive Museum via foundation of wealth~Guess this is huge enough for everyone not to miss it .

Upon arriving at the Alive Museum alone, I was suggested by the staff that they could get one of the staff to accompany me to tour around and take pictures. I actually took the tour of the place with the staff where she could explain to me how to better pose for the photos for the pictures in Alive Museum. There is also a baggage depository system at the counter where the staff would tag your bag with a tag.

Here's mine.

My favourite number

I began the tour with an famous art piece where most people would know. It's Mona Lisa which is animated version.

For art lovers, you might want to take this picture.

I have managed to get a model for one the photos. This lady is very kind to help me pose for the photo as I felt she look angelic while posing for that photo.Really thank her for posing for me and also the staff for helping me to ask

Up close look of the angel 

As for me, here's the range of the photos that I like.
I feel that I look so cute in this pic

I am flying with cartoon character

I feel like I am the modern yang gui fei

Overall , the tour of the museum was filled with tips by the staff on how to take better photos. There are pictures of Ames room which psychology students could go there to take to further understand concepts in cognitive psychology.  One tip is to go toilet before you enter into the museum as there are no toilets inside the museum. Further to that, it is best adviceable for ladies not to wear skirt and do wear dark colour cos u might want to lie down on the floor to take photos.

After walking the tour, one must be either tired or thirsty. Fret not, there is a current promotion that Alive Museum has tied up with Burger King which is just besides Alive Museum. All you have to do is to like Alive Museum on their Facebook page and get the free meal from Burger King with the purchase of a full price purchased ticket. Promotion ends on 30 Sept'14

Alive Museum SingaporeSuntec City Mall #03-372
(Between Towers 3 and 4)

Ticket Price:
$25 (Adults)
$20 (Children 3 - 12 years old)

Operating hours:
10am - 10pm daily
(Last admission at 9pm)