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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Review of the event Business Think Different workshop by Anne Mckevitt and Pam Siow

Seriously when I first knew that I got the business scholarship, I did not know what to expect at all. The theme Business Think Different was something intriguing to me yet at the same time is what is it that cause that made Anne Mckevitt and Pam Siow so successful.

Day 1

Not knowing what to expect, I did not think that I would be meeting one of my friend who was one of Pam Siow's student , Lea at the event . I asked her whether if she has any idea on what is it going to be like and she said she had no idea too. So I decided to go into the workshop with an open mind to see what is it that makes the both of them so successful.

We started with Pam for the workshop for her to share and story and a bit of how this event got started. What was captured in Pam's sharing was this quote which is  "Keep calm and remember it is always your fault". Cos in business you can't blame anyone except for yourself. Whether when are u going to take action is the crux to your business. 

 Next was Anne talking about how do we differentiate ourselves from our competitors in the market.

Throughout the workshop, we were all given exercises which we are supposed to learn on the spot. I really like this method cos that is the best way to learn for me. Not only did it get registered into my mind, it was something that Anne taught that was really valuable.  According to Anne (2013) ,"Simplicity is the best".
 I made me realized that whatever I studied in the subject Operations Management came alive! Anne was the best example of that. The exercises the we did caught me thinking as there was one business opportunity that arise from that. Now is to do my research on it then. I really find the both of them really very approachable and real as compared to some other trainings that I have attended.

I got Anne's autograph!!!!
Imagine a billionaire getting so up close and personal to do an autograph~~seriously i nearly couldn't sleep last night.

Day 2

After attending 1 day workshop, my expectations got a little higher. I was thinking will they be teaching what is their trade secret to success. Indeed , they talked about it. It never daunted in me that personal branding is an important asset in a business besides getting the corporate image up. So my next step is to revamp my own look .. hoping that I will look more pretty by end of Dec 2014. Work in progress will be starting from tonight!!  Action , Speed , Your Key Drivers to Success !!

Indeed this workshop is really worth the value of going down.I got recharged and motivated from this workshop. Personally, I do have personal friend who commented that Pam was good.....Before I forget, there is another workshop that is going to be held in Kuala Lumpur on 30th Nov & 1 Dec. There are only a few places left. For business owners who finds that they need a tweak in their business, I highly recommend that you ought to go and attend this workshop.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

The power of ambition

 My favourite motivational speaker
This man, Jim Rhon is really amazing . His philosphy is so clear cut and always never fails me to bring me back to my focus for my ambition.
This weekend I will be going for business training from one of the top notch online marketer Pamela Siow aka Pam Siow and her mentor Anne McKevitt, billion dollar business maker for this event called Business Think Different. I got is for free as I won the business scholarship.Hoping to grow more in knowledge for my business to get focus back to my ambition.