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Sunday, May 17, 2015

What are the factors that causes the hair not to be smooth?

Usually fretting on how to get good hair days? I do often get bad hair days due to that I have a lot of hair that looks like a bomb even though the natural curls are nice.
So what are the factors that causes the hair not to be smooth ?
  • Weather- are you surprised to see that weather is one of the factors?
  • Smoothing treatments- too much of it causes the hair to be become brittle.
  • Hormonal changes
  • Using the wrong kind of shampoo
  • Brushing your hair when it is wet
  • Daily use of hair dryer or flat iron
So how to counter these nasty factors?
  • Prepare to shower your hair with lots of conditioner but remember just apply to roots and not the scalp
  • Use ion blow dryer
  • Straighten hair when it is wet
  • Do a hair mask once a week - I use the DIY Hair Spa Steamer Nourishing Hair Care Cap from , it works pretty well
  • Use sulphate free formulas to wash your hair.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

DIY Scalp Massage for Healthy Strong Hair! ♥ (Stimulates Growth

I thought this is a good video to share on how to get healthy strong hair. Hope that helps !

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Solo hair colouring session sponsored by Hoyu

For last month, I was overwhelmed with Chinese new year preparation.  I was being sponsored by Hoyu to have my solo hair dye session with the hair technical manager, Ben.

Ben, who has many years in doing hair coloring, explained to me the difference between European brands of hair dye like Wella and Loreal and Hoyu. The difference between European brands of hair dye with Hoyu is that the colour of  Hoyu's hair dye is based on the colour wheel which primarily consist red, blue and yellow. 

 For example, if I wanted to dye my hair a bit of purplish red Ben would have to mix the colour red and blue together in order to get purplish red. The proportion will be based on which colour I would want it to appear on my hair more.

Hoyu's hair dye system stems out from the colour therapy which can be found in the following pictures:

Before mixing the colours together 

After mixing the colours together 

The other range of colours

Here's the beginning of my hair dye session 

Pardon me for this natural curly look
During the session

The end result is really nice. Sorry people I lost the picture which is stored inside my handphone previously. Anyway, a big thanks to Hoyu for giving this opportunity to me to have a personalized hair dying session with technical manager, Ben.

One thing that Ben shared with me was that whichever salons that use Hoyu hair dyes are specially trained by him if the salon owners are keen to get their staff trained.  Most importantly, I feel that salon owners can take the opportunity to use the PIC grant to get their staff trained as well. Not only is training course subsidized, the staff is one step nearly to be a better skilled worker.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Beauty Website that I stumbled upon

In the search for a good hair stylist for cutting curly hair, I stumbled upon this website called It works on the concept like just that it has got some points system on going where you could use it to offset your booking fee at the certain salons or spas that you are going to.

I guess the most beneficial thing from this website is the honest reviews from people who really go and try it on personal experience. It is really not based on bloggers' reviews or whatsoever. Even though I am a blogger, I would really only blog on what I experience personally.

There's something that I would like to share on for Chinese New Year. As you all know usually Chinese new year period hair salons would usually increased price. From, here are 9 hair salons that do not have the surcharge on CNY period.

                                          99% Hair Studio

                                          Chapter 2 at marina square

                                          Hairloom( shaw towers)
                                           Headlines Hairdressing(china square central) 

                                          J's Hair Salon

                                          Koinonia Salon (Pacific Plaza)

                                          Monsoon Hair House (Velocity @Novena Square)

                                          Salon Vim

                                          Zinc Salon

 You might want to consider using my referral link to get yourself  to visit the website.  Here's the link : . Hope this helps for those who are not celebrating Chinese new year this year.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Maintenance for curly hair

I have always been bogged down by my natural curly hair that can look like perm hair. It is only since last year I started to embrace my curly hair.

 First thing to know about curly hair is that it is frizzy and that it requires high maintenance. Like for me, the thing I hate about apply a lot of the hair cream on my hair 'cos I have oily hair scalp. Too much of the hair cream will make me have lots of dandruff.

So here's what I usually do
1. Change my shampoo range between clarifying and balancing range when I go swimming, moisturizing on the next day. Further to that, I also will do hair treatment mask for my hair the next day.

2.Using a comb to detangle my locks

3. I don't towel dry my hair neither do I blow dry it.

4.I will use a water based hair spray or anti frizz serum before I go out.

5. Come back home  I just wash the hair with water to remove the dust accumulate.

6. Blow dry with a fan in order to sleep faster.

On weekly treatment, I will use my hair treatment mask for my hair

Here's the range of products I use

                                                              Moisturizing shampoo

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hoyu cielo hair colour

Recently, I was given an opportunity to do a review of CIELO Cream Hair Colour by Hoyu.  I was given a choice of 3 colours to choose from. I chose the colour 5p as it is not on the extreme red.

The hair dye came at the right time 'cos I was planning to touch up my roots. I had a lot of strands of white hair popping up during my exams. However, before dying of hair I would always want to do hair treatment so that my hair would not be so dry. This time round, I decided to skip this step as there is a conditioner provided within the hair dye kit.

How to use Cielo? It is as easy as 1,2,3. 


What I like about this is that the pre-packed colour mixture is stored inside a unique bottle dispenser. Most importantly, the pre-packed colour mixture which is unused can be kept inside the bottle.
                                                 Picture of what is inside the box

As for my coverage over my grey hairs, it was good. My friend who is also like me having lots of grey hair said that the multiple applications for the touch up is rather pretty helpful when the grey strands of hair start to pop up as it is easy to use.

Currently, there is a promotion at the leading pharmacies and supermarkets which is two for $28.00 where the usual price of one is at $17.90.

For  more info, please go to