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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Controversial Issue about Slim Couture and Xia Xue

With the interesting and controversial issue about Slim couture and Xia Xue, it makes me ponder on what is on the minds of management of Slim Couture. I seriously do not know how badly Xia Xue has commented on her posting.As by the time I read her blog, she has taken down that blog post that might cause her a legal suit with Slim Couture. Seriously, when bloggers are being engaged to write reviews for companies we are given the ability to express freely about what we felt throughout the review for either products or services.However, it does not mean that the bloggers would only say good things on their blogs for the reviews.

Here's a picture of Xia Xue where the cupping marks did not subside after a few hrs as per advised by the staff of Slim Couture.

Companies must also manage their expectations that there might be some bad reviews as that it is not everyone will like everything. If all good things are said about the products or services , readers might think is it true. Plus if after trying out themselves and they find that it is not up to the standard as per what the blogger has mentioned earlier on they will also feedback to others. Companies should also take this opportunity when bloggers are there to do reviews, it is also time for them to take note of what is needed to be change to further improve on the packaging of the product or training for staff for better service.

For me, I stand on xia xue and nuff nang's point of view that xia xue should be given the freedom to write how she felt about the treatment. Though the treatment might work for others, it did not work for xia xue and xia xue is being honest to reveal that. I think that it would actually manage some expectation of the consumers who might be visiting Slim Couture. No doubt that advertisement is supposed to be a positive light, consumers today will go out to check reviews first before going to the place. So be gracious about whatever bloggers comment when they do the review. I would always prefer to be given the freedom to write on how I feel about the treatment, product and service. I blogged true to my feelings as I do not see the need to bluff my readers.

Tips for companies to manage on their expectation of bloggers doing blog review
1. Manage the expectations that not every blogger will write only good things
2. Set boundaries for the blogger if you are like targeting a certain image for the company
3. Provide QR scan code or printed vouchers for bloggers so that they can sort of work as mystery shopper as they write the review and the staff will not be on their guard.