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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

About 1 day getaway

Remember that some time back I wrote about getting  a short break...Ended up I just went to Jb just for a short makan session.

This short trip was like practically queuing for food. First, it was to eat the fish head curry that was recommended by my friend, Pillay. This fish head curry restaurant was like having constant queues that will allow people to wait at least half an hour and above. I waited for 1.5 hrs whereas my friend went to get some errands done.

Photo courtesy from

Photo courtesy from
This is the medium size fish head curry
Seriously, I find that the fish head curry is so-so only. Not really very fantastic as compared to my mom's cooking . However, a notable fact was the introduction of the tau kee into the fish head curry which was nice. I dun really fancy the curry which has got coconut milk. My rating for this dish is 2.5 out of 5.
After lunch, I went to city square mall for shopping. There are so much changes in jb.  I did my pedicure and manicure at the nail studio. However, there is really a lot of difference in the service between Singapore nail studios and Malaysia one. One major difference is in the applying of the top coat.They don't apply two layers of top coat as per Singapore nail studios. The manicure was done in a mess. However, the pedicure was done nicely.
 It was really a short good getaway for my mind as I was kinda stressed up due to getting of my exam results on 18th December. So do stay tuned for my Xmas giveway soon!

Friday, September 05, 2014

Feeling burnt out?

Holiday trip

This picture reminds me of that when u are feeling burnt out u need to get a breather which is y i suggest u need a break this is because now is already september. For me , I am planning to get a short breakaway before my exams. Seriously, planning the getaway might make my mood better as the hectic schedule that i have is a bit crazy. I shall update you guys on my short getaway soon.