Monday, August 21, 2017

A Slightly Different National Day

This year, it was a slightly different national day 'cos it is the first time i visited gardens by the bay.
I have been hesitating to visit gardens by the bay as i was unwilling to pay for the conservatories fee.
However, I decided to pay and see it for myself once to satisfy my curiosity.

Here's some of the pictures i took while i was there

Reminds me that xmas is coming 
For the month of august, orchids seems to be in the theme as it is the national flower of Singapore

Indeed, the flowers in flower dome are pretty. Hopefully next time i will be able to see the tulips.

Secret garden in cloud forest

For cloud forest, I don't extremely enjoy due to the phobia of heights..the emptiness when you are supposed to walk the bridge from level 6 to the lost world at level 7.

Seriously , i do think that gardens by the bay do make a great place for picnic and also place for dating when you are struggling during month end. You can just don't pay to enter the conservatories prepare some sandwiches or hotdog buns with salad, some fruits,chips and a mat  and you are good to go.

Tips on how to get there

i literally took 518 the express bus which is at my door step to marina bay sands and walk over via the bridge it was so simple. Really had loads of fun but forget to stay back to watch fireworks on national day.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Fast and Easy Dark Soya Sauce Sotong(aka squid)

Today I am going to share a family recipe called the dark soya sauce sotong. This dish is very simple to cook and it only requires 4 ingredients.

Sotong( it all depends on how much u intend to cook)
Red dates dark soya sauce
Black ground pepper (based on how much u can take)

1. Marinate the sotong with the dark soya sauce and pepper for at least half an hour
2. Heat up the wok and pour the sotong in to cook.
3.Once the sotong curls up , it is ready to eat and add a bit of sugar at this time.
4.Ready to serve.