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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My Best Friend Cum God Bro Andy has colon cancer

Andy has been a very good friend to me yet at the age of 29 he has gotten colon cancer at early stage of stage 4. It came as a sudden news as we did not expect it to happen when he just underwent operation of colon recently due to an intake of the usual hot milo drink. Doctor just said that he has only 2 yrs of life span.

Guess it all started with the habit of not drinking a lot of water all throughout this life . Having the bad habit of not drinking water actually caused his colon could not actually move the bowels throughout the colon thus having the bowels stuck onto his colon. The operation was to remove the stucked bowels that were on his colon.

He is now currently going thru chemotherapy and the hefty medical bills and caring for his aged mother were his concerns. Thus i am offering portions of my services to help him to tide through these difficult times of his. If you would like to help him , please help to spread the word of my services in order to help him cos his medical bills are beyond what he can bear. Alternatively , you could actually click on the donate button by the side and donate .