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Monday, September 18, 2006

All About Open Pores , Clogged Pores.

The follicle leads from within the skin to the surface of the skin and may contain a hair within it.The “hole” on the surface of the skin through which the hair emerges is the “pore” and oil flows on to the skin surface through this pore. Pores do not have doors that “open” and “close”,but this is a descriptive way of describing how they work.The diameter of the tubule forms the pore and when the tubule dilates(widens) it gives the impression of being wide open.When the tubule contracts,it gives the impression of tightening and “closing”.The excessive production of oil and its flow causes the oil glands to enlarge and cause an enlargement of the tubule which in turn causes the pore to appear larger and crater like.This causes the skin to look and feel coarse and thick in texture.

Since the size of your pores is inherited,it cannot change.You can make them appear smaller by keeping them empty of plugs that are formed by the accumulation of sebum,dead skin cells and Bacteria, so that the oil can flow freely.Regular exfoliating can help keep the pores deep cleansed and empty.

Clogged pores,Blackheads and Pimples.How to keep pores unblocked

Under normal conditions,the sebum flows on to the surface of the skin freely and everything functions well.However,if for any reason the follicle or tubule through which the oil flows is blocked,this can lead to the pore getting clogged up,leading to a Blackhead and eventually spots and pimples.Accumulation of dead skin cells,oil and bacteria in the tubule leads to a sticky plug being formed and this causes accumulation of any further oil production which cannot flow on to the skin surface.This causes widening and enlargement of the tubule and so a large pore.The plug is black in colour due to the pigment Melanin found in the skin cells.It takes up to nine months before a blackhead appears on the surface of the skin.Blackheads are common on the face but can also be found on the back and chest.Excessive cleansing will not remove the blackhead once it has appeared.This is due to the fact that it is made of compacted dead skin cells,oil and Bacteria and deeply embedded in the follicle(tubule).

It is not possible to dissolve or melt the blackhead with any product.It has to be physically removed or “pulled”out of the tubule.Some dermatologists will perform this procedure using special instruments,but it is advisable not to try pressing them out as this causes the plugs to enter deeper layers of the skin leading to inflammation and infection and eventually to spots and pimples. The best approach is to prevent the formation of blackheads in the first place by eliminating the causes.Examples: removing of sebum,dead skin cells and bacteria by daily washing and regular exfoliating. This is best achieved by using an effective peel-off face and body mask regularly to exfoliate and remove the source of blackhead forming material.