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Friday, May 01, 2015

Review of Teochew Ah Mah Braised Duck

Braised duck is traditionally a dish that is cooked via the teochew’s style of cooking.  It is formally known as which is known as one of the braised varieties. It is a dish where one could spend up to hours in the kitchen from the plucking of the feathers to the braising of the duck.

When I cooked this dish myself, I would prefer that the braise sauce to be more on the sweet side as my family prefers it to be sweet. Having said that, this is the first time I have the opportunity to review on Teochew Ah Mah Braised Duck to compare the difference between my own homecooked and outside one as I seldom consume braised duck out of homecooked food.

Teochew Ah Mah Braised Duck’s braise sauce is slightly more salty as compared to my homecooked one. Having said that, there are many differences in individual’s preferences in the taste bud. The meat gives a meaty feel when upon the first bite. I loved to put the braise sauce on my rice and mix it with his chilli sauce which is sedap aka delicious.

Learning from the stall owner, Mr Ong that the Teochew would either braised it on the sweet or the salty side. It is not a definition that the duck has to braise it on the sweet side only. He said that he had learned his recipe from his grandmother just like me learning from my mom who has learnt from my grandmother. However, I found that his braised duck is slightly more fragrant than mine when I cooked. I wonder what ingredient did he add in.

He actually recommend me to try a lot of his other dishes like the duck noodles, duck kway chup, braised pig trotters, pig tail with peanuts ,another of my favourite which is the preserved vegetables and many more others the next time round when I visit his stall.

Duck noodles

Duck Leg Kway Tiao 

My favourite-perserved vegetables 

Braised peanuts with pig tail

I was still amazed by his braised duck the only thing to pack back was his braised duck for my parents to taste. My parents were like ‘hmm..this braised duck is not too bad’ after all I reheated the braised duck the next day… the duck meat was not too stiff and difficult to bite.

Before I forget, Mr Ong said how to know if the braised duck is nice to eat is based on 2 factors. The two factors are there could not be a funny kind of smell on the duck and there should not be any msg in the cooking of the braised duck.

 There goes another dish for the traditional food which is being struck off my list to learn for cooking. If you are keen to bring your old folks to try out the traditional braised duck , you might want to bring them to blk 504 bishan street 11 to try out Mr Ong’s Teochew Ah Mah Braised Duck from 2nd of May onwards.