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Sunday, June 14, 2015

In need of a part time job ?

Part time job is a job where one works less than 35 hours a week as according to the Ministry of manpower's website. So what kind of part time jobs in Singapore could be seen on job portals Singapore? It could be a part time admin, f&b, cashier, distributors for flyers and many more others. is specializing in Part-time jobs Singapore is one of the better job portals in Singapore that you could use to aid yourself in finding a part time job. As usual, there are many various reasons that one would look for a part time job. So which is your favourite way to find your part time job?  For me, it was through a referral in the past when I was a teenager.

Here's the link to the manpower website to help you know more about the employee's right as a part-time worker:

Part-time jobs are so common for students who are in the college, polytechnics, and university levels. It is nothing more than earning an extra keep for themselves or earning their allowances.
Here're some things to look out for when looking for a part- time job as a student:
  •  Ability to slot your working hours into your daily schedule after school
  • Near home if you are still schooling till late in the evenings
  •  Ample rest so that you would not neglect your school work
  • Able to learn new things
  • Most importantly, know your employee rights from the MOM's website before starting work.

Part time jobs for students should not only be to earn allowance only but also to gain working experience as well as to understand how your parents feel when they are working.

For me, I started working part-time at the age of fourteen at my father's shop as a cashier or crew.  It was like burning my weekends away beside finishing my CCA in school and rushing to finish my homework before going to help out at the shop. It has helped me to be a better planner for my finances and time management.

 Even though I was working in my father's shop, I was not given any privileges. I was supposed to work just like any another staff of his. Reporting to work on time was one main question that I have to consider as I have to estimate the amount of travelling time that I require for travelling to his shop. Next, I have to manage the homework that I have yet to complete. So what I did was to have a plan that was able to fit into the duty roster that where I can work. Upon having discussion with my supervisor, my weekend schedule was like from after  4pm onwards till late like 11pm for Saturdays and Sunday mornings till around 5pm. With this kind of schedule not only was I able to complete my homework, I was able to have ample rest before school starts on Monday.

So remember to choose a part time job which suits your personality and capability then you will not find it tiring when struggling with schoolwork and the part time. You will then be able to enjoy and excel in the job.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Internships in Singapore - What is it all about?

Talking about internships, it reminds me of the movie “The Internship” which was filmed at Google.  We are currently in an internship frenzy period for university and polytechnic students in Singapore. I remember that during this time each year, I would pause to ask myself if I need to start to look for my internship jobs. This time is also a good time for me to get part time jobs singapore opportunities for my summer vacation.

Here’s a picture of “The Internship” movie in case you have forgotten.

So what is an internship all about to you? Is it just something that you look forward to during the poly or university days? Or is it something that you dread ‘cos you have to find your own internship jobs?

For me, I feel that taking up a singapore internship that is related to your course of study is important as it will help you to define your career path to a certain extent. During my poly days, my internship in an engineering firm was not only related to my studies, but I also really worked on a project for the company’s alarm system. I am thankful that my internship was not like that of some of my other friends who did irrelevant jobs like telemarketing in an insurance company.

Having said that, the stress you have to go through to find an internship on your own is frightening enough when you do not know how to write your own resume and how to contact the ideal company which you wish to work for. Before I was being sent out for my internship by my lecturers in polytechnic, I was thinking of how to get the job that I wanted to try out instead of getting the one that was being assigned to me by my lecturers ‘cos I heard some of my friends saying that those that find their own internships get better pay.

Fret no more, I chanced upon this website called “” which is an internship portal for students to find their internship and for some fresh graduates who aims to try something else before setting down for their life long career. At, you will be able to find intern jobs that are related to your course of study. It also provides really good career guidance tips for people like us who are still studying or who have just graduated.

Here’s some of the preferred internship categories when you sign up with them:-

I registered myself in just to try if the site is user friendly. It is pretty user friendly ‘cos it uses larger fonts. Actually, I found that the job descriptions are clearer than some of those posted in

Part time jobs for students are usually the easiest to find. Perhaps next time, you might want to try out first before heading down to the recruitment agencies.

 To sign up, you just need to register your email with them which can be done within 2 minutes. Most importantly is that you do not have to go through the gruelling process to cold call prospective employers and companies to try to land your internship jobs.

Have fun in your internship singapore experiences, you people out there!!!