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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

4 ways to boost your brain power

1. Sleep
Sleep is not just meant for resting your body but it is necessary for your brain to get adequate rest so as to get optimal brain function. It also helps to consolidate memories, keep the brain alert and responsive. However, due to the lack of sleep will lead to poor focus and memory loss.

2. Light meals
Avoid having large meals in fats just before exams as blood will be diverted tract and away from the brain.

3. Diet
Have a diet rich in fruit and vegetable which will boost immune system which is good for key internal organs namely the kidney , spleen and liver are particularly important to the hey brain functions of memory and attention. Drink more water.

4. Relaxed environment
Keep the home environment, harmonious and free of argument .Reduce stress for the child for the child so that he or she can focus on the revision.
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