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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Trinity Christian Centre - Christmas Presentation 2014 - The Light Of Ch...

Christmas is a season of giving. This season of giving has been commercialized so much that the true meaning of Christmas has long being gone. The true spirit of Christmas not only denotes the birth of Christ yet also a time of worship onto Jesus Christ, the King.

To me, it is a precious moment which I could celebrate with Jesus Christ. Some thing simple and quiet time alone with my family this christmas. Planning to cook a special meal 'cos this is the first christmas that my grandma is celebrating as a true believer of Christ.

This is a season of giving .. For this Christmas, I am hosting a giveway in a goodie bag which has mysterious gifts within the goodie bag. I shan't tell what is in the goodie bag. Awaiting for the lucky winner to post it on the instagram or facebook.

 Before I forget, I would like to invite all to come my church for the 120 children choir to celebrate this xmas...

To join the giveaway, the first step is to like and share my facebook page secret beauty.

Second step is to say what is the most important thing you want to do with your family during this xmas.

The results of the give way will be on my facebook page on the 20th Dec 2014.

Hope you guys have fun out there this xmas!

Merry xmas ~~~~~~~~~~

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Trinity Christian Centre Home for Christmas

Hi all, as there are only 20 days left to christmas. I would like to invite you guys out there to my church for this christmas presentation.

The presentations slots are as followed: 21.12.12 & 24.12.12 at 8pm, 22.12.12 & 23.12.12 will be 4pm & 8pm .

If interested, please email me at