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Friday, October 25, 2013

Impromptu 2D1N road trip to malacca (22-23 oct 2013)

I was being asked out of sudden for an impromptu road trip to malacca by my friend. It was so fast that she arranged the trip and we just set off the next day.

Upon arriving in yong peng, we headed for the bak kut teh and vinegar pig trotters for lunch.

This bak kut teh together with vinegar pig trotters cost $30 rinngit for 3 pax

                                                     Visit to a home-style noodle factory

 Tourist spot : Christ Church

The rickshaws here are so beautifully decorated as compared to singapore one so pale in comparison.

It's check in time!!

For the first time, I am staying in a motel something like a backpackers' hostel.I stayed in Jiong guest's house. Supposedly to be having a korean theme for this guest house.

 This was my room shared with my friends. Seems pretty clean in the room but the guest lobby was not well maintained .Probably good for one day stay. Anything beyond that I would give a thumbs down. Reasons being that there was no shared bathroom in every level, have to climb up steep steps with holes in the stairs and only 2 toilets and bathrooms for 3 levels to use. Further to that,I do not suggest u guys to book here online cos it cost sing dollars $30+ online whereas u can get a hotel room at $50 rinngit at fairway hotel and u get an attached toilet in the room.

Here's the photo for the group of us who went for the trip
                 Taken during sunset at the place which is considered the busiest for straits of malacca

This place as mentioned by our van driver was supposed to be the most romantic place where couples come here to take bridal shoot. It was really breezy at night.

Day 2

  These pictures are taken from the musem where goods that are being confiscated in the past.

My loots for the trip

Overall, this trip was good as it helps me to destress before starting to prepare for my exam.