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Monday, August 18, 2014

Tips on using Epsom Salts

Recently,  I read a book which provide some tips on using epsom salts to relieve some pain from achy feet and helping to ease the symptoms of cold. Thus, I decided to get it and tried it out after having a long workout with my heels the whole day.

This is the brand I got from guardian.  
I got my feet to soak in the lukewarm water for the foot bath and almost immediately the pain from walking too much with the heels was gone. I saw on the box itself that it could be used to remove temporarily muscle aches as well. Perhaps I should try it out one day. I realized that after soaking the feet with epsom salts the cuticle skin can be remove easily.  Hence , I decided to use my favorite body scrub from Nuskin to scrub my feet to get a nice home pedicure later one.

The skin of my feet become so soft now. Feeling happy and contented before painting my nails.
Hope this tip on using epsom salts helps u to ease away the long day of walking.