Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Back to school for SEO event

It has been since a long time I have gone back to any school campus for any event. It was like going back to school attending the night class.

This event is actually an event co-hosted by Avente consulting and SMU. It is meant for SMU students to decide if they would like to take on a module on digital marketing like SEO or data analytics. Data analytics has been a topic which I felt students need to know cos now it is the world of digital marketing.

  My friend, Eugene had invited me to go for the event to see him conduct the training. This event consist of a 2 part training, where first part was to be covered by Eugene and second part was to be covered by Frank who shared more about his real life work experience with the SMU students.

Eugene has been training people on SEO topics since 2012. His extensive work experience has also enabled him to teach us those at the event in a relatively easy to understand.

Eugene explained how the search engine works to the extent of the history to help us understand how Google created the search engine which we all loved to use on a daily basis. This is actually very useful for beginners especially those who like to understand things in depth like me or old uncles and aunties. I guess even for uni students it is really relatively easy for them to understand the lecture.
There are certain topics which were taught in the class like how to use SEO to pitch for business with clients and others which I found it useful for the students to pick up this skill. I shall not say much about it. If you are interested in letting your homeschooled kids to learn this skill set, you might want to contact Eugene at www.imseoking.com. Eugene conducts classes in groups of 10 or individual coaching.

Next, we have Frank who willingly shares with us his real-life working experience on a daily basis. How he uses data analytics for his daily job to achieve his KPI. It is really something we are unable to experience it as we are all not working in the industry. It really gives a glimpse to the students if they really like analysing kind of role or not.

With this training, it also helps one to think if they should choose to take digital marketing as a module or not. It was also pretty funny that I ended up talking to an SMU student about his career options. I did tell him to consider this module as with the influx of online business, he should learn it if he would like to have an analyst role in his career.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Colour charge your life for happiness

Early last month, I went for Jill Lowe's workshop for my personal development goal for this year.

I went to the class with great expectations as it was someone whom I really want to learn from.
In the workshop, I learnt that the colours that we wore could affect our daily relationship with our family members, colleagues, bosses or significant other.

Something which caught my attention in the workshop was that Jill mentioned that make-up is the signature of a woman. Make-up in any circumstances will make a woman looked polished. I was never a person who likes to put on make-up since I opted for a natural look most of the time. So after the class, I decided to be conscious in applying my make-up before I go out 'cos I want to look polished all the time ^_^.

Another tip I got from the workshop was to apply nail polish on your toes as well. When you apply the toenails, you will look polished too in the event if you wear slippers, open toe sandals. This tip is really very useful for me. After applying nail polish on my toenails, my significant other stopped complaining that I cooked too much food for him to eat. He will finish whatever food I cooked now.
It's weird I know but it really makes me happy cos cooking is a way for me to express my love for my family, friends and significant other.

There were many more tips that Jill taught during the workshop which I was not able to jot it down. Cos I was not able to write down the tips. I really enjoyed the class and would strongly encourage those who are looking for promotions at work to go and learn how to dress up for promotion from Jill.

Really appreciate Jill for thanking her weekends to run this workshop to empower woman.

For those are living in Singapore, interested to learn from Jill on how to use colours to power charge your career and relationships please use the following link to register as the next class is on 23rd Feb 2019: https://mycareer.jilllowe.com/?gen=Andrea81029909

Thursday, January 03, 2019

Face shape and hairstyles

Hi all,

It is the new year thus I thought I would want to share with everyone with something I found useful when you want to change your hairstyle for the new year.

Hope this video helps on helping you to choose your new hairstyle.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Food tasting event at Artichoke Singapore (Sponsored)

I did this food tasting about 2 weeks back thru the invitation of fellow blogger, Isabelle who coordinated the whole event. I was glad that I was able to bring a friend along. Thanks to the generosity of chef Bjorn.

Artichoke is a restaurant that serves middle eastern inspired food together with bar concept. This is the 2nd time that I am eating middle eastern food. I nearly missed this lovely restaurant as I was unable to locate the signboard. It was located in between a small alley between the middle road church and objectifs.

Here's how the signboard looks like:

We started off with 7 appetizers namely the devils on horseback(new dish that is not on the menu), the burnt miso hummus,babaganoush, samphire, jerusalem salad, beetroot boraini, iraqi-spiced mushroom and turkish toast,

Devils on horseback is a new dish that has not been included in the menu. It consist of the beef, dried apricot, labneh, mint and almond.I would say that this dish I would give a thumbs up if it would be included in the menu. However, I wished that the saltiness level of the beef would be slightly reduced.

My favourite of the appetizer would be the beetroot boraini , babaganoush and the turkish toast.
Beetroot boraini

This dish has got an interesting flavour for me cos it has the kind of cheesy taste yet not too overwhelming and it does not have a very raw kind of feeling when eating the beetroot. It also aids in digestion as well when we are so overwhelmed with the many dishes to taste.


For people who does not like to eat eggplant might want to give this dish a try. The smoked egg plant is not mushy to the max and the soft texture makes it easy to swallow.

The turkish toast tasted so much like english muffins and it is really yummy.

For mains, we had squid ink couscous, smoked chicken, hot skillet prawn, golden promfret, lamb shoulder , haloumi and fried cauliflower salad.
Squid ink couscous

Squid ink couscous was something which failed my expectations as the couscous has turned into barley size grains. It has been cooked too wet thus causing the couscous to turn into barley size grains. As I have always tasted couscous in my salad , it has never been barley size grains. I wondered if it was caused by the long taking photography session by us that causes it.

Fried cauliflower salad

Cauliflower salad is something that chef Bjorn said that even those who does not like to eat vegetables would polish off this dish. I guess it was the crunchiness of the cauliflower that came from the grilling which makes it special.


Haloumi was cheese that was being fried. However, it did not taste like cheese and tasted more like fishcake. Perhaps this was as what chef Bjorn was describing tasting a bit of rubbery when it was not eaten hot. I would give this dish a second chance.

The prawns were fresh.I did not get a chance to taste the sauce of the prawn ‘cos I was too full from eating other stuff.

The smoked chicken was juicy enough and did not taste like it was made from frozen chicken.The pickled daikon was really refreshing to clear the palate.

The lamb was surprisingly good without what we consider the 羊骚味. I have always dislike eating mutton because of the 羊骚味. This dish seems to be braised until the mutton meat was so soft.

This golden promfret was grilled using the charcoal and the tenderness of the fish meat was really so soft.Reminds me of stingy ray but this has got more meat.

 Drinks wise we had dark donut, pandan gimlet, pink sunset, kopi b , tiramisu latte and sangria.

However, sangria and tiramisu latte was not in the photo.

Desserts were date pudding, soft serve ice cream and malabi split. Out of the 3 desserts which I ate date pudding was the one that stole my heart away. Date pudding which might not stands out in terms of looks but the sweetness level is sweet enough to over power the 2 other desserts.

 I shan't not disclose on how the desserts look like.. go and try it out at artichoke.

Talking about the bar counter with the nice music would make a great place to chill out after work for a meal.

 Really like the creativity of chef Bjorn's cooking and I wished that one day I would also be able to create more creative dishes for home cooks as well. A little more about chef Bjorn is that he is the 
chef cum ­owner of Artichoke, and author of the Artichoke cookbook. His rebellious personality and outlandish style of cooking has earned significant industry recognition over the years. Outside of starting food brands Artichoke, Bird Bird and Neh Neh Pop, Bjorn wrote a monthly column titled ‘Bjorn Says’ for Time Out magazine, lectured at the Culinary Institute of America, and actively consults on menus for restaurant openings. Industry accolades that he has accumulated over the years include ‘Chef of the Year 2013’ ­ SC Global, ‘Rising Chef of The Year 2015’ finalist ­ World Gourmet Summit, ‘Best Local Chef 2016’ ­ SG Readers’ Choice Awards, and ‘WGS Best 20 Chefs 2016’ ­ World Gourmet Summit. Bjorn is also frequently on television, having most recently featured as judge on MasterChef Singapore on Mediacorp’s Channel 5, and also on programmes such as MasterChef Asia and Secret Eats, and in lead roles on Eat List Star Season 2 and The Ultimate Brocation.

Our group photo for the night.

Hope the next time I go back will have something new to try out again. 

Monday, June 25, 2018

Review of ESET Internet Security

I have always pondered which will be the most effective antivirus for my computer for many years. Each time I buy a new computer or laptop, I faced this issue.  However, a few years back I found the solution. This is none other than ESET.

The reason on why I chose ESET instead of Norton or Mcafee is that it has better virus database which can scan away all those unwanted virus as compared to Norton or Mcafee. Let me share with on how i started my journey with ESET. 

Initially, I thought Norton or Mcafee was doing the job on scanning for virus. However, one day I decided to try to download another antivirus to do a scan on the computer. So I started to download all sorts of free trial downloads to scan my computer. ESET won Norton and Mcafee. Since then I have been a loyal ESET antivirus fan.

I started from its version 8 and now I am using its Internet Security version. This current version provides banking and payment protection as well as anti-theft protection. However, I am not very comfortable with the anti-theft protection function after it requires me to create a dummy account. It seems like to be an open door for other people to hack it. Let me find out more before I start to create the dummy account for the anti-theft protection.

I managed to find this online lobang  at the following link:

 ESET internet security deal at 50% off for only first 1000 copies

So grab it while stocks last.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

My maiden attempt on cooking in air fryer( mayer air fryer)- not sponsored

Yesterday was my first attempt to cook steak in air fryer. I have to admit that I had chosen the wrong cut of meat for steak. Nonetheless, I officially broke the record of what people choose to cook for first time in air fryer.


1 piece of steak
1 small packet of butter
half a teaspoon of salt to rub both sides
1 teaspoon of garlic powder
1 teaspoon of mixed italian herbs

I marinated the cut of meat, chuck tender with corn flour which was in replacement of meat tenderizer, salt, garlic powder and mixed Italian herbs. I preheat my air fryer at 180 degree celsius for about 5 minutes. Next, I put a piece of SCS butter which is those packed into one small packet one and oil my grill pan. followed by placing my steak into the air fryer. One side about 10 mins to ensure the proper grilling of the steak.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Review of Ban Leong Wah Hoe

Recently, I had the chance to try to ban leong wah hoe's chilli crab during Deepavali. It was the promotion of the 2kg of crabs at $88 that got my family to go and try.

Here comes the main dish

For me, there are not enough eggs in the chilli crab sauce. It is not spicy enough and was a bit too watery. However, if it  is to be eaten with the deep fried mantou. It is just nice.

For this har cheong kai, it was the best dish that my family likes. Crispy and taste just nice.

For this dish, I would not rate it very nice.
This baby squid dish is my favourite cos it is crispy and the sauce that comes with it was good.

Overall, we paid about $146 for these few dishes, 4 plates of rice and 5 drinks. However, to ask me to come all the way to this location to eat I would consider twice. Location wise is too far perhaps maybe others don't mind.