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Friday, November 22, 2013

Talent Management-part 1

What do talent management actually comprises of ? It actually encompasses developing competency models,assessment tools and framework , recruitment, training and development of employees, identifying super keepers, engagement of employees inline with the company's mission and vision, motivating the employee, retention of talent,sucession planning , integration of work life balance planning into the work place, rewards and strategic work force planning.

What do u define as talent? Talent is supposedly to be able to cultivated and developed via deliberate practice and intrinsic motivation. However, there is no doubt to what the so called in born talent as to what Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences where some of us are muscially inclined, lingustics, bodily inclined like being an athelete, mathmatically inclined, visually inclined and etc.

Do you have a competency model in the workplace which is in place?Look out for it on my part 2