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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Reflections on the days where I am busy

As I was reading my textbook for my exams, I was just wondering on one of the topics that I am reading. Is it true that all of us would prefer to make our decisions of our hectic workload at the early part of the morning or would it be that we would ponder first till midday then rush through the day?

For me, it seriously depends on my caffeine intake for the day. Though it seems that having to plan at the earlier part of the day is better , it also depends on what kind of body u have. For me, I am a person who performs better from afternoon onwards.

With this I would like to leave you guys out there with this verse to help you take a stock check on your life.

New Living Translation of the bible: But as I looked at everthing I had worked so hard to accomplish, it was all so meaningless- like chasing the wind, There was nothing really worthwhile anywhere.

Ecclesiastes 2:11

So make sure you live your life meaningful each day!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Are you feeling frustrated at work ?

Are you constantly feeling frustrated at work? Nitty gritty things like why your colleagues can't handle a simple task like formatting a page nicely or even do a simple mail merge might just pissed your day when you are feeling moody for the day.

Have you ever thought that how your own behaviour would actually affect the whole team's day at work ? Cos in an organization, one's input at work will affect how the team works.Instead of blaming one another how slow the team works, call out for a meeting to find out whether is there any process is taking too much time . For instance, a huge chunk of emails to be replied everyday , mailing of letters, handling of customers ( both internal and external) , checking of on going project status and handling of phone calls, etc. Perhaps you could allocate a time for checking of emails for a period of 1 hour. For this one hr, there is no other thing that you should be doing other than to check emails. Settle the emails that require the priority attention and also do get yourself a filter using the email filter from , it will only allow u to first draw your attention to read only emails from contacts and subsquently let u read emails that are not from your contact list.

With this, I would like to recommend a book I have read in the past which is how to simplify your life

Multi- tasking is the lowest form of effiency !


Saturday, June 05, 2010

Rejevunating your mind

Now is the perfect time to not only clean out the clutter in our closet and garage, but also the emotional baggage in our mind. Conflicts that are unresolved in the back of our mind only lead to anxiety, anger, or depression. Unresolved feelings eventually take up too much of our energy which can be used for better thoughts and emotions. It's time to get rid of emotional toxins such as behaviours, patterns, and beliefs that interfere with having healthy relationships and living fully.

** Address your issues when you're ready to come to terms with your emotions. You will feel better for facing the truth.

** Surround yourself with a positive and loving environment -one that makes you feel relaxed.

** Learn to let go by creating your own ritual to release the emotional toxins
you've identified.

** Make new choices which include not recreating the old problems you just let go of. It's too easy to relapse, so you must commit to creating an intention which honors your commitment. Go with specific, measurable, and realistic goals.

An emotional cleanse will allow you to feel more alive and rejuvenated. The energy you were using to suppress pain is now available for creative choices.

This rejuvenation is a process and by spring cleaning yourself. You will be more able to implement new goals in full force. Enjoy the gentleness of the detoxification and the peace it brings into your life. You will definitely be living an anti-aging lifestyle if you take care of your body and your mind this season.