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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Invitation to insights into UK Commercial Parking by Park First Limited Singapore Branch’s Senior Business Development Manager.

Recently I got to know Issa, who shared with me about UK Commercial Parking in Glasgow International Airport offered by Park First Limited, part of Group First UK.

A little background on GroupFirst who has been around since 1998. GroupFirst is one of the leading property investment, design and development companies in the UK.

They worked closely with financial institutions and industry professionals to create a range of unique property investment companies that sit under the Group First umbrella. Their diverse network range of companies range from serviced apartment blocks to housing estates, business centres to industrial estates, self-storage facilities to international airport car parks.

Park First, which is founded in 2004, is a property investment company which provides investors with exclusive access to market leading products. I believe parking is big business. I have not personally experienced a time when parking rates has gone down! And everyone NEEDS parking. They provide exclusive access and affordability into the UK commercial parking market.

This is the first time which I learned that commercial parking could be purchased in a form of investment which will provide you with passive income and capital gains. This is something that is hardly been heard of in Singapore. Or Never heard of.

Investors are invited to meet the team at the company’s prestigious office, to help remove any uneasiness which can be felt when dealing with other companies.

For this preview, Park First would be marketing their last phase of their parking facility at Glasgow International Airport. So far they have sold 4 car parks in the last year amounting to over 3000 parking spaces and running out fast. For more information, please take a look at the flyer.

I will be updating an exclusive coverage on what insights I have garnered from this event to help you guys to learn more about investing in overseas property.

 Please do not hesitate to call Issa, Senior Business Development Manager @ 83338403 for more information to find out more if you had missed this preview. Do remember to quote ándrea' if he asks how did you find out about this project.