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Sunday, August 09, 2015

Different skirt shapes

I hope this picture of different skirt shapes will help women out there to help to identify what will help them to look better according to their body shape.

For me , as I am a apple shape  I would choose skirts that are like A-line, straight and knife pleated.

Friday, January 16, 2015

On Off Fever week for me and a general update for the week.

This week is quite tiring for me cos I had been having on off fever since last fri and yet I still go to work. So that is why I haven been posting on my blog. I just managed to be able to finalize the details of my upcoming skin care workshop for pre valentine's day and Chinese new year. The first workshop will be on 31.1.15 which is 2 weeks down the road. Title of my workshop would be how to get a smoother skin before valentine's day and v lined face for Chinese new year.

Fast forward for events that happened through out the week , I was shopping online and manage to get myself a coat for my upcoming trip to seoul. I am now waiting for its arrival at my door step.

I thought this might be good for to wear as in the layerings with the clothes when I am in Seoul.
So what do you think of my fashion sense? This is what a plus size gal like me would choose.
Shall update you guys on the material when it arrives at my door step.