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Food Review on Enchanted Garden's June menu @ V hotel

Aloha everyone, it has been since a long time I wrote on my blog after my grandmother has passed on. For this food review that was done on a weekday afternoon at Enchanted Garden at V Hotel, I was being invited by fellow blogger Jess aka JessSeasons to join her with courtesy from the boss, Mr Chris.

I loved the signage of the restaurant as it gives a very romantic feel. Here's how the signage of the restaurant looks like:

I guessed no one who has thought of that within the signage of a restaurant depicts words like with heart and soul. Let me tell you that I could see the effort in the whole team of people working in this restaurant is all great team players. This is the first time that I have been to a food tasting event whereby I could see all of them helping out one another.

This food tasting was jointly also joined by two other fellow bloggers.They are Isabelle and Yunzi.
Left to right: Yunzi, myself, Jess and Isabelle

Let's take a look at the array of food that Mr Chris and his team have taken effort to prepare for this food tasting
We had a total of 10 dishes for food tasting 

Allow me to list down all the dishes for your reference

Spicy Topshell -$8.80
Spiced Crispy Anchovies $8.80 
Korean Spiced Chicken Wings - $12.80 
Fish Fingers-$7.80 
Cheesy Pork Balls- $9.80 
Seafood Croquette-$12.80 

Grilled Pork Chop-$18.80 
Baby Back Ribs-$18.80
Miso Cod Fillet-$32
Lamb Shank -$26.80

Here's the up close and personal photo of each individual dish 
Spicy Topshell 

For this dish, I was not able to review due to abstaining from seafood after chicken pox for 100 days.

Cheesy Pork Balls 
For me, these cheesy pork balls were just nice in taste as they were not too overwhelmed with the cheesy taste. I did not dip the balls into the sauce. However, our host for the day, Rain told us that it was all handmade

Spicy Crispy Anchovies ( Photo credits to Jess) 
This plate of anchovies seems to be air-fried upon tasting cos there is not a hint of oiliness in them. Great to get them when you are having happy hour at the restaurant.

Seafood Coquette
This seafood coquette packs a punch on its own without having to add any more sauce. The crunchiness that comes out from the bread crumbs can give the cracker kind of feeling.

Korean Spicy Fried Chicken 
This dish is made with the head chef's special concocted sauce. It is more towards the sweet kind of spiciness rather than the kind of sambal spiciness that we are looking at.

Fish Fingers

This one taste a bit like chicken fingers just that it does not have cheese taste

Lamb Shank

This dish is well braised as the meat is able to be still stuck onto the bone and also it is tender when you bite it. If you take a look at each dish, you will be able to see the chef's effort to introduce vegetables to each dish for healthy living.

Miso Cod Fillet 

This dish is made from overnight marination of the special sauce which was concocted by the chef. What I like about this dish are the flavourful miso cod fillet and the mashed potato. The mash potato is something which does not give the very starchy kind of feeling after each mouth.

Grilled pork chop 

This dish was tasted cold as we were busy taking photos so can't really give an exact review for it. Probably when it is eaten hot, it should be more tender. Wished that it was tenderised more 

Baby  Back Ribs 

I did not taste this dish for the fear of dark soya sauce. The other ladies felt the taste was just nice.

For my personal opinion of this food tasting session, the top dish goes to the miso cod fillet which is a must try. 2nd dish would be the cheesy pork balls.These 2 are my personal favourites.

At the end of the food tasting session, we decided to check out the entire premises and realised that there are certain spots which are good for a wedding proposal, hanging out with bf/gf for a sweet whispering session and some photo taking.

Here are some photos which I feel good for wedding proposal and our photo taking session.

The fun shot that the other ladies took 

This place is catered for solemnization. The enchanted garden offers its premises for private events.

Great for catching up among friends.

Not to forget, just to share that Enchanted Garden offers happy hour all day long from 11am to 12 midnight daily. For current month's promotion will be 1 for 1 drinks  for happy hour.

For my readers, there will be a 15% discount for the main course and also 15% discount on soft drinks once you show my blog post.Promotional items are not applicable for the 15% discount

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